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Los Angeles, CA


South Los Angeles street median interventions

Currently, Tracee is investigating the impact of guerilla swing installations in Los Angeles street medians. Swings are installed in neighborhoods that have limited access to public greenspace. As a city that owns more acres of abandoned lots than public parks, the installations aim to highlight both the benefits and lack of active greenspace in the urban landscape. The swings act as a tool toward de-alienation, space activation and autonomy.


The project continues to evolve and transform, which is a defining theme of the artist’s work. Based on community input, user interaction and consistent critical evaluation, the installations often shift in size and/or location. The simple form and heavy use of the swings have instilled them as a valuable component in some Los Angeles neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods have even organized to have these swings reinstalled after removal by city authorities. This sense of attachment and action via playful gestures is central to the artist’s creative endeavors.

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